Grief is a normal response to loss, it is not something that needs to be cured. The manner in which we grieve depends on many different things. No two people grieve in exactly the same way and each death will have different responses.

Grief requires time and energy. It is not a sign of weakness to cry. Crying is a sign of sadness and emotional pain and that is what you are experiencing.It simply is not possible to “…get over it and get on with your life” It takes time to heal. It can help to talk to others about the things you are thinking and feeling. Your grief is real. Have patience with yourself. Give yourself the time and the support that it will take to get you through this experience.

Please remember… grief is a natural process that results when you lose someone special to death. In today’s fast pace we have little time to mourn before getting back to our daily routine. Often a person will find themselves alone facing the grief following the death of a loved one. Be kind and patient with yourself.

The death of a loved one is a tragedy every household will experience. Most families are not prepared to deal with the situation, indecisions and cost a death forces on them. The decision to prearrange your cemetery needs today is very economically sound, although the strongest reason to prearrange are love and peace of mind. When a death occurs in any family, the grief is tremendous and the healing time very long.

Prearrangement will have a positive impact on your family simply because you have made your own decisions. This peace of mind provides benefits far beyond the dollars spent. Not only for you but your loved ones. You alleviate their burden of decision, because all decisions are made by you and ahead of time.

If you choose to prearrange your cemetery needs, you are eligible for pre-need discounts and you can take advantage of our interest free payment plans. If you wait until the time of need everything must be paid in full at once. Also, by prearranging you “lock in” all your cemetery costs at today’s prices and those prices will never increase to you.